The Henceforward is a podcast that considers relationships between Indigenous Peoples and Black Peoples on Turtle Island.

Through this podcast series, we take an open and honest look at how these relationships can go beyond what has been constructed through settler colonialism and antiblackness, we investigate what our mutual obligations and possibilities for contingent collaboration are, and much much more.

We aim to approach these charged questions with generosity and complexity.

We reconsider the past and reimagine the future, in The Henceforward.

The Henceforward is the future that is made possible in the present, it is the time and space in which we can tumble into something that will be arranged differently, coded differently, so that our locations and labors are more than just who we are to the settler. Henceforward is the start of the future now.
— Eve Tuck, Allison Guess and Hannah Sultan, “ Not Nowhere: Collaborating on Selfsame Land,” 2014