Eve Tuck (Unangax) is a writer and scholar now living in Toronto after many years in New York. She writes about settler colonialism and antiblackness, decolonization, the politics and ethics of research, and the lived experiences of youth and communities under education and social policies. Eve is a co-founder of the Land Relationships Super Collective with K. Wayne Yang. She tweets @tuckeve.


Chelsea Vowel is Métis from the Plains Cree speaking community of Lac Ste. Anne, Alberta. She and Molly Swain make an uproarious Indigenous feminist and sci-fi nerdy podcast called Métis in Space. Vowel created a mini-series of podcasts for our team and seriously informed the approach of our work.


Deanna Del Vecchio is a doctoral student in Social Justice Education at the University of Toronto, OISE. Her research investigates the use of participatory photography to explore young people’s relationships to place in the U.S.-Mexico border region, drawing on Indigenous theorizations of refusal and resistance. 

Sefanit Habtom is an Eritrean PhD student in Toronto who grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. She loves working on the Henceforward podcast because she's future-facing and cares deeply about the liberation of Black and Indigenous peoples. Her research looks at Black organizing work on (primarily) Canadian campuses. She tweets @sefanith.

Sigrid Roman is currently a freelance journalist focused on immigration, citizenship,
education politics. Currently conducting her PhD studies at the Ontario Institute for
Studies in Education (University of Toronto), her research examines the dynamics of
interculturality in diverse contexts, particularly related to re-settlement, equity and peace.

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