Episode 26 - Meditating on the Elsewhere

In November 2017, Indigenous and Black community members, scholars, and activists gathered at the University of Toronto to discuss getting elsewhere.

In the spirit of The Henceforward, the elsewhere is lived and created today, as well as a realm of unknown possibilities. Members of the gathering created guided meditations that take us on a walk-through future-day 125th Street in Harlem and invite us to visit places we yearn for.

We invite you to listen closely, perhaps close your eyes, and travel with us into the elsewhere.

Contributors to this episode, in the order their voices are heard:

Sefanit Habtom

Marie Laing

Karyn Recollet

Eve Tuck

Zoe Samudzi

Mistinguette Smith

Sandi Wemigwase

Susan Blight

Chelsea Vowel

Shay McLean

Andrea Derbecker

Stephanie Latty

Fikile Nxumalo

Danielle Cantave