Episode #6: Movement Building Beyond the Moment - On Getting Free Together in #StandingRock and #FreedomSquare with Kelly Hayes

The Henceforward Episode 6: Movement Building Beyond the Moment: On Getting Free Together in #StandingRock and #FreedomSquare with Kelly Hayes.

In this episode, Stephanie Latty, Sefanit Habtom, and Rebecca Beaulne-Stuebing interview Kelly Hayes, a cofounder of the Chicago Light Brigade and the direct action collective Lifted Voices. Hayes is a member of the Menominee nation, and is based out of Chicago where she works as a direct action trainer.  

Kelly Hayes recently wrote an article for truthout.org called “From #NoDAPL to #FreedomSquare: A tale of two occupations.” In the article and in this interview, Hayes beautifully details the important time in history that we’re witnessing: two simultaneous land-based struggles that shed light on issues Indigenous and Black communities are facing.  This episode travels from Standing Rock to Freedom Square in Chicago, reflecting on these two sites of contestation and creativity, and describing direct action tactics for freedom.