Episode #1 - Give It Back

Give It Back! What are reparations? Who deserves them? Is it a viable project? In today's episode, we explore the dynamic and, often times, controversial debate around reparations in Canada. We feature a number of important conversations and people including members of local indigenous communities, a prominent figure of the Afrikan Global Congress, and voices from the inspirational Black Lives Matter-Toronto movement #BLMTOtentcity. Together, we imagine the henceforward, an alternative and creative space, separate from dominant, Eurocentric powers.

This episode is hosted by Danielle Cantave, Fizza Mir, Lauren Howard, and Sefanit Habtom, and features the following guests: Dina Paul, Cikiah Thomas, Jeff Kiyoshk Ross, Kory Snache-Giniw (Eagle), Rebecca Beaulne-Stuebing, and community members from #BLMTOTentCity.